Smith's Dance Academy
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Hello Dance Family!
As I am sure you have all guessed classes will continue to be suspended until we are given the all clear by public health to reopen the studio. We are still committed to finishing our classes and recitals at that time and can't wait to celebrate getting through this together with the best recital ever!
In the mean time I encourage you to check out the class videos we have available for dancers to practice with and keep an eye out on our facebook page for free online classes! We will be starting with 2 free classes this week, contemporary for older dancers and ballet/jazz combo for younger dancers. New classes will be added each week and we truly hope your dancer will enjoy them. Please send us your pictures and videos of your dancers using them at home so we can share them on our facebook page #sdadancestogetherathome.

Can't wait to be back in the studio soon , stay healthy everyone!

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