Smith's Dance Academy
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Class Descriptions
Jazz is high energy with lots of movement, leaps and turns. 

Ballet a classical dance form, emphasizing grace, precision and based on formalized steps.

Hip Hop provides a funkier edge to the basic styles of dance.

Tap making music with your feet! Allows dancers to concentrate on co-ordination and quick movements of the feet.

Lyrical  Lyrical combines jazz and ballet techniques to dance the lyrical meaning of songs.

Musical Theater  a high energy  jazz routine combining dance and acting,  no singing required. 

Pointe Dancers should be at least 12 years of age for this class. Dancers will begin in demi pointe ballet slippers and graduate into pointe shoes at the instructors discretion. Foot and ankle strengthening and barre work encompass the majority of this class early in the year and then moving into more center floor work as the year progresses.