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Dance Company
Dance Company is a competitive dance team that competes at dance conventions, competitions and festivals and act as Ambassadors as Smith’s Dance Academy. Dance Company strives for excellence , train hard and most of all have a ton of fun! If your dancer loves dance, loves to perform and wants to join an amazing team then Dance Company s the place for them!

Auditions 2023 : Nov 2nd 7:30 2023
Dancers will be asked to perform various skills and a 60 second dance of their choice.
Please complete and bring this DC waiver to your audition.

Competitions, Workshops & Performances  

** other performances may be added for festivals, charitable events etc.

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What is Dance Company?
Dance Company is a competitive dance team that competes at dance conventions, competitions and festivals and act as Ambassadors as Smith’s Dance Academy.

There is a high degree of responsibility and a substantial time commitment placed on the student to prepare for competitions. Dance Company members work hard all year round preparing for competitions and shows and must have above-average dedication and drive, for this is a very demanding and time-consuming activity. They must be able to learn very quickly and accept criticism. Company dancers are “ambassadors” for Smith’s Dance Academy and are expected to maintain a high standard of behaviour and professionalism at all events in which they participate.

Company is not only a commitment for the students, but for the parents as well. There are shows, rehearsals, conventions etc to be paid for, transportation to be arranged and fundraisers be planned and participated in .

Any student currently enrolled in regular classes is permitted to audition. The audition consists of a short combination of the dancer’s choice, turns, flexibility, leaps, flexibility and of course, personality and attitude. Auditions for Dance Company will be announced in class and online at

All Dance company members must enrolled in full time classes with Smith’s Dance Academy including a ballet class. 
Senior and Teen Members : minimum 1.5 class hours/week
Junior and Mini members: minimum 60 class mins/week


Dance Company Class Fees : ( will be revised prior to 2023 auditions)
Junior & Senior Company $195
Mini Company $90
Solo $70
Duo/Trio $45 ( per dancer)
-All Dance Company dancers must be registered in regular classes including a ballet class.
-Dance Company Costume Fees - to be determined once dances are selected
-Travel Costs
- Competition Fees (fundraising is done for these but if you choose not to participate you will be responsible for them)
-Convention/Workshop class fees 

CLASSES: each Wednesday or Thursday night and additional classes on other evenings or weekends when needed.
COMPETITIONS & WORKSHOPS: 2-3 each year, all dates will be given in Early November.
PUBLIC APPEARANCES: Throughout the year we are asked to perform at local events and fundraisers. 
FUNDRAISING Parents will be responsible to actively participate in planning and running fundraiser's. Dancers are expected to participate in all fundraiser's. If you do not participate in fundraising you will be responsible for your own competition fees.
RECITALS: Dance Company dancers are expected to perform in all Smith's Dance Academy recitals in all locations.

The director will send out schedules as needed, and as far in advance as possible. If you know of any day your dancer will not be able to attend classes please let the director know as soon as possible, and I will be happy to schedule around the conflict so dancers will not miss class. 
If a schedule is sent out with dates that are less than 2 weeks notice, strikes will not be given for absences within those 2 weeks. 

Company classes operate at a high level of discipline and a “three-strike” system. 
A “strike” is given if a class is missed, if steps are not properly learned from week to week or if negative attitude towards the teacher or any other student is displayed. In order to stay in the Company class, all regular classes must be kept at a high standard. 
The only reasons for which absences will not result in a strike are:
Medical appointments
Family vacations which were pre planned (ex-March break trips)
***Parents should alert the director to an absence for any of these reasons as soon as possible.

Dancers who accumulate 3 strikes will be asked to leave Dance Company. 
Dancers who are absent for any Recital, Competition or Workshop will be asked to leave Dance Company ( no matter their # of strikes).
Should a dancer be asked to leave Dance Company, no class, costume, competition or workshop fees will be refunded.

Throughout the year, the parents and dancers hold fundraisers to offset the cost of competition fees for competitions. Parents and dancers must participate in these fundraisers in order to receive the benefit from them. If you choose not to participate, you will be responsible for 100% of your child’s competition costs.

A chair and co-chair will help organize information meetings for Dance Company parents, they are not responsible for fundraising, that is the responsibility off all parents. When a chair or co-chair position is vacated the director will ask for volunteers and a vote will be taken to appoint the new chair or co-chair from the volunteers. All families involved in Dance Company will receive 1 vote. 

Dancers are eligible to compete solos, duets or trios after one year of participation in dance company. Dancers may perform in one solo and one duo or trio.