Frequently Asked Questions
How many days a week are classes?
Classes are one day a week. Class length range from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the dancers ages.

How long is the dance year?
The dance year is 25 class weeks, one of which will be used for our Christmas Open House, and one for class and individual dance pictures. Dancers will also have a rehearsal on stage before the recital.

What ages can join dance class?
Our PreSchool class accepts dancers starting at age 3.

Can my dancer be placed in a class that dosen't match her age?
Dancers may always dance in classes below their age group. The director must give permission for dancers to be placed in an age group older than their age.

Is there travel involved?
Dancers in regular classes will not be required to travel. Competitive dancers will travel to competition and workshops.

What does my child need for class?
All dancers need black tap shoes for class. Dancers who are studying jazz, or ballet will also need black jazz or ballet slippers. Dancers will not be permitted to dance in socks for safety reasons. Dancers should wear comfortable clothing to class, no jeans are permitted as they restrict movement.
Long hair should be worn up and off the face, buns are encouraged.

I registered online do I still need to come to registration night?
If you have completed your payment you are all set, and we will see you on the first night of classes. If you have yet to complete your payment please bring your preferred payment method to the registration night to complete your dancers registration.

Where can I purchase dance shoes and clothing?
We are happy to provide a full line of dance shoes, and clothing available for purchase at our studio in Woodstock. Check out some of our items here.

How many dances will my child perform in the recital?
Most classes perform 3 routines in the recital. Technique / Ballet add on classes typically perform one routine, as do specialty classes.

Can my dancer perform more?
Yes! We often are invited to perform at fairs, festivals and charitable events in local communities. Dancers also have the chance to perform in their costumes for friends in family at our Christmas open house. (last class before Christmas break).

How can I encourage my dancer to practice at home?
A music list will be placed on the web-site so you can download your dancers music. As well, when possible teachers will place videos on Facebook of your child's dance. ( we choose to use facebook so that only you and the other parents in your child's class can view videos of them).

Have a question that hasn't been answered? Our policy book has lots of information available, or e-mail Amanda.