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We are so excited you and your dancer have decided to join our dance family! We can't wait to start our exciting new season. In just 2 steps your dancers space can be reserved in the classes of their choice.
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FLORENCEVILLE                                             WOODSTOCK
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MON Gr 1-4 Jazz, ballet & Hip Hop
TUE Gr 1-5 Jazz, Ballet & Hip Hop
TUE PreSchool & K Ballet & Tap
TUE Teen Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop
TUE Teen Ballet & Lyrical
MON PreK Ballet
MON Gr 1-4 Tap Add on
MON GR 1-4 Jazz, Ballet & Hip Hop
TUE Gr 4-7 Jazz, Ballet & Hip Hop
TUE Teen Jazz, Ballt & HipHop
WED Gr 2-5 Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop
WED Pre-Gr 1 Ballet Add ON
WED Gr K-1 Jazz & Hip Hop
WED Gr 4-7 Ballet Add On
THUR Pointe
THUR Teen Ballet & Lyrical Add On
THUR Teen Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop
THUR PreSchool & Kindergarten Ballet & Tap
THUR Teen Musical Theatre Add On
MON PreSchool & K Ballet
MON Pre-Gr 4 Tap Add On
MON Pre-K Tap Add On
TUE Gr 4- Teen Tap Add On
TUE PreSchool & Kindergarten Ballet
TUE Gr 4- Teen Tap Add On
TUE Adult Pilates
WED Gr 2-5 Ballet Add On
WED PreSchool Tap
WED Gr 4-7 Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop
TUE Gr 1-5 Musical Theatre Add On
WED PreSchool & Kindergarten Ballet
WED Gr 5-8 Jazz, Ballet & Hip Hop