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Woodstock Spring Classes
Come join the fun this May! 
We would love to have you and your dancer join us for our 6 week Spring session at our Woodstock studio. 

Class Fees ( for all 6 weeks):
One Class $52
Two Classes $47/class
Three Classes $43/class
All prices include HST.​

Please submit your payment no later than the first class If we do not need to collect payments during class it leaves more time to dance! 

Payments can be made at the studio via, cash, cheque and credit cards.
E Transfers may be sent to : [email protected]

Withdrawal from Classes / Trial Period
We hope your dancer enjoys dancing. If for some reason they decide to withdraw, please notify us by the 2nd week of class. If during the first two weeks a dancer decides to discontinue taking dance, they will receive a refund on any remaining classes after the trial period,  After the trial period dancers will be deemed to be enrolled for the full session, and responsible for payment of the full session’s tuition fees and costume fee. No refunds or credits will be issued after the 2 week trial period.

NSF Fees
There will be a $25 charge applied to all NSF checks.
Payments & Fees
A classical dance form, emphasizing grace, precision and based on formalized steps.

Explore movement and music. Draws form ballet, jazz, hip hop and 

Hip Hop                                                                                
Hip Hop and street dance technique and a fun routine.

Combines jazz and ballet techniques to dance the lyrical meaning of songs.

​Musical Theatre                                                      
This will be a high energy musical theatre jazz routine, no singing required.

Princess Dance                                                             
Calling all princesses! Wear your tutus and tiaras and come learn ballet and jazz basics with us. Great class for new and/or young dancers. 

Teddy Tap
Learn to make music with your feet with your best friend, your Teddy.
Class Descriptions
What should I expect at my dancer’s first class:
Due to covid-19 and social distancing guidelines waiting areas will be closed. We ask that parents who wish to wait to please wait for their dancer in their vehicles to ensure social distancing. Your dancer’s teacher will greet them at the door ( with a 6 ft social distance) . Your dancer will be asked to remove their street shoes( or for younger dancer you will be asked to do so for them at the door) and put on the appropriate dance shoes. They will then enter the studio and go to their “bubble”. At the end of class the teacher will bring your child back to the door to meet you ( please keep an eye out for them). Teachers will be taking videos during class and posting them to our Smith’s Dance Academy Families page so that you may keep updated on your child’s progress. If you have not received an email invitation to the group by your dancer’s first class please let us know. 

We understand it is not the best case scenario to wait in vehicles and not be able to see your dancer in action in the studio but we appreciate your patience and understanding as we do our best in this “new normal”.

What will my dancer need for class?
Dancers will need black ballet slippers for ballet and clean indoor sneakers for hip hop.
Dancers do not need to have shoes for the first class. If you do not have your shoes yet , please wear clean indoor sneakers to class. For safety reasons , dancers cannot dance in sock feet. 
We have new shoes for sale and in stock throughout the dance year. 

We request that all dancers wear appropriate dancewear for class. Bodysuits, exercise pants, tank tops and t-shirts are acceptable, no jeans . Crop tops must be covered with another shirt, no bare midriffs.
We have new dancewear for sale and in stock throughout the dance year. ( leotards, shorts, tights, skirts etc)

Long hair must be worn up, buns are encouraged.

There is no gum and candy allowed in class as it is a safety hazard. Please have dancers dispose of these items before class and do all bathroom breaks before class begins. 


Frequently Asked Questions
Dancer Name                                                                                                   

Parent Name


Dancer Age

Daytime Contact Name & Phone
(in case of cancellations)

Medical Conditions

​ Class(es): 

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MON 5:20 PreBallet
MON 5:45 Ballet
MON 6:20 Lyrical
TUE 6:05 Hip Hop
TUE 5:30 Princess Dance
WED 5:10 Musical Theatre
WED 5:45 Teddy Tap
WED 4:40 Contemporary
MON 6:55 Musical Theatre