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Florenceville Classes
We are so excited to welcome back returning and new dancers to the studio for our Fall classes!

There is still time to join us for a great year of fun and dance! Register below !

How old does my child need to be to registered?
We accept dancers age 3 and up into preschool and older classes, and occasionally the very eager 2 1/2 year old :)

Why do we have to pay up front? What if my child decides he/she wishes to withdraw from dance class?
It saves a lot of class time collecting the money at the beginning of the year rather than collect it during class, and means more instruction time for your dancer. All dancers have a 3 class trial period in which they can decide if they wish to continue taking dance classes. If during the first 3 classes they decide to withdraw, a refund for any remaining classes and costumes will be given. A child enrolled beyond that time will be deemed as enrolled for the entire dance season. If a dancer withdraws after the 3 class trial, no refunds or credits will be given and parents will still be responsible for dance fees for the entire year.

Registration fees are non refundable.
In the event a student is unable to complete classes due to a medical condition,a medical certificate is required to receive a refund. Costume fees are non refundable after Oct 20th.

Can my dancer be placed in a class that doesn't match her age?
Dancers may always dance in classes below their age group. The director must give permission for dancers to be placed in an age group older than their age.

How long is the dance year?
There are 25 class weeks, including one week for our Christmas open house, and one week for class pictures. There is also a rehearsal onstage and our end of year recital. 

Why is the costume payment due in October?
Costumes are purchased in October. That way the costumes will arrive in time for photos. As the recital dates approach, we can concentrate on dancing, not costumes and group pictures.

What will my dancer need for class?
Dancers do not need to have shoes for the first class. If you do not have your shoes yet , please wear clean indoor sneakers to class. For safety reasons , dancers cannot dance in sock feet. 
Dancers studying ballet, or jazz will need black ballet/jazz shoes.
Dancers studying Tap will need black tap shoes.
Dancers studying hip hop will need indoor sneakers or black ballet/jazz shoes.
Please do not purchase pink shoes as dancers cannot wear them for the recital or class pictures.
I have new shoes for sale and in stock throughout the dance year. 

We request that all dancers wear appropriate dancewear for class. Bodysuits, exercise pants, tank tops and t-shirts are acceptable, no jeans . Crop tops must be covered with another shirt, no bare midriffs.
I have new dancewear for sale and in stock throughout the dance year. ( leotards, shorts, tights, skirts etc)

Long hair must be worn up, buns are encouraged.

There is no gum and candy allowed in class as it is a safety hazard. Please have dancers dispose of these items before class and do all bathroom breaks before class begins. 

Can I be in the room during my child's class?
We do not allow spectators during class as it is a distraction for the dancers, however we understand that parents want to see how their children progress. We have a monitor in the waiting room which you can watch class on and Parents and family will be invited to observe in the classroom during the last 5 minutes of the last class of each month.

Does my child have to attend the same day each week or can they attend any class in their age group?
It is best or your dancer's development and that of her classmates if they attend the same class each week. While all dancers learn the same techniques and steps, the choreography, and music selection varies between teachers, and each class moves at their own pace.